Farms often require power and energy. In most cases, farmers cannot afford a very expensive source of energy so they have to look for an electricity and power generating tool which will help them carry out their activities. They need electricity to run their home appliances as well as to pump water from beneath the ground or to drain water from someplace where it is in access. Electricity these days is becoming very expensive and farmers need to have a cheaper way to pump water for their farms and generate electricity for their homes. Windmills are the most used instrument which utilizes the speed of wind to generate mechanical energy which can later be converted into electrical energy. Windmills can also be used to pump water from beneath the earth’s surface up to the farms and tank storages. Such farms are called windmill farms.

Windmills farms usually have a huge building with long blades attached high above the ground. You might have seen such buildings in many movies or cartoons as it is very synonymous with the farms and ranches. Windmills farms run on the potential energy of wind which rotates the blades of the windmills. Windmill farms then get water pumped into their lands and electricity produced due to the rotation of blades. Typically windmill farms use a small tower mounted wind engine which is used to bring water up on the farms. In modern days this kind of farm windmills that is used for the purpose of pumping water for the farms and generating electricity for electrical appliances is also called a wind turbine.

The most common usages of windmills which you will find in windmill farms are water pumping, grain milling, saw mills and threshing. Of course times have changed a lot since the old days and nowadays you will find much more usages of windmills in a windmill farms. Windmill farms use the windmills as generators which can generate electricity or as a very efficient water pump.

Other uses of windmills in windmill farms are irrigating water for pastures and gardens, aerate ponds and for one’s own supply.  One of the greatest advantages of windmills in windmill farms is that even if there is a power failure and you have saved water in tanks then you will always have fresh water available to irrigate your farms or to drink. The windmill farms use windmills to their benefit in a very efficient way and windmills are catching on again very rapidly in this modern age.