These day’s people are increasingly looking for renewable sources of energy. Especially after the rapid climb in the electrical and other prices people have really turned their attention towards getting a windmill for their uses. Now you can build your own windmill at your home if you know how to make a windmill without that much of a hassle too. For people who have engineer skills and like building things, it’s very easy and it will be a lot of fun building it.

People have really turned their attention towards building homemade windmills after they have found out that windmills can be build at their houses. You can find manuals on how to make a windmill in the market or at the library.

The main question for people who don’t have experience building things is not how to make a windmill, but how difficult it is.  Well, I tell you this much; it’s not too hard and in this article we will try to describe you how to make a windmill.

Windmills come with a lot of advantages which is why it is preferred by many people these days.  One of the many advantages of a windmill is that it does not pollute which is very good for the environment and your living area. It keeps the atmosphere clean and healthy to live in.

Another advantage is that a windmill reduces electricity bills very significantly and thus enables you to reduce your expenses. There is not a lot of investment involved when you want to build your own home made windmill which makes it all the more beneficial to build one. Now let’s see how to make a windmill.

You require a lot of common materials to actually build a windmill. You can find these accessories very easily either at your nearest shop or at the hardware shop. The things that you normally require to build a windmill are blades, DC power motor, tail assembly, body assembly, tower, generator and hub for linking the blades. Nuts, battery bank, bolts, and some other hardware is needed to make a windmill.

You can normally get a 400 watt windmill at the rate of 200 bucks. Building a windmill yourself is much cheaper as you can easily get the spare parts of the windmill at a very low rate from a store. If you have an old broken washing machine then you can use it to power your windmill using the machine’s DC motor. If you make the blades of your windmill at home then it will save you a lot of money. The normal wind flow of your area should be around 5-15 mile per hour otherwise the windmill won’t work properly.

A last piece of advice: if you don’t know how to make a windmill, buy a guide. Don’t just read one and memorize it. Better yet, buy a pre-built set and assemble it according to the instructions manual.

These are a few tips on how to make a windmill. I hope they are helpful.