The word logo itself came from the Greek word logotipos which means a detailed graphic icon, element, or symbol of a trademark which is positioned in a distinctive typography.

The classic logo is creatively planned to easily attract attention and recognition from potential consumers or mere spectators. The logo is basically just one of the many features of a company and/or its commodities for commercial and/or distinction purposes. Logos for each brand is distinguished by its color, shape, fonts, and icons which will help it to be set apart from similar brands in the corporate world. But logos can also be utilized in the recognition of non-corporate organization or institutes.

In a crazy fast paced world of the 21st century, it is imperative that a logo is unique form all others to steer clear from unnecessary misunderstandings in a buffet of potential consumers, associates, contractors, and the general community (whether domestic or global). After a logo has been formulated, it can be now ready for trademark registration to protect it from illegal users.

The success of a logo can be determined through its individuality or distinctiveness which will avoid any perplexities with other logos. It should also be practical which can be utilized in a variety of situations without losing its reliability. The logo must also be a good representative of a company and/or its commodities. Another is that it must be visually effective in attracting its target audience. The best logo is the one tat generates widespread curiosity in a positive viewpoint.

"Trademarking" a logo will necessitate the expertise of a trademark attorney. Usually, a design search is carried out to verify that the chosen logo will not cause infringement on other existing registered trademark logos. In any trademark lawyer's opinion, a good logo design is the integration of the best features of the whole collection of proposed well-designed logos. This is due to the fact that the magistrates favor a trademark logo with a backup of a collection of logos with identical designs. This said collection is known as a family of marks.

The trademark attorney will also verify that the formulation of the logo works hand in hand with the trademark search. Coming up with a logo that is unique as well as its practical marketability will boost the possibility of not finding an identical logo that may have greater trademark rights. The trademark lawyer will basically give assistance in ironing these problems and is also highly knowledgeable about the application process of a trademark logo.

The trademark lawyer will then discern if the logo meets the criteria of legalities that are needed for it to be registered.

Now, formulating a logo is another thing. The logo is imperative in creating brand consciousness. The logo can be known as a company's face. In any case, it should be presentable as well as visually interesting.

In formulating a logo, there are two methods of doing it. One method is by designing or inventing an original logo. The second method is by the employment of logo design sites that provides assistance in the creation of logos. The best way to pick a logo design site that will be compatible to the company or organization's standards is through the sites' design sample logos or portfolio. It is best not to hesitate to ask if they can come up a collection of logos that the company may choose from. Having a collection of logos can also help if the primary chosen logo was not accepted for registration.

In any case, with or without the help of a logo design site, a creative mind will help in the formulation of a logo. In deciding the structure of logo, it is best to have a line of logo designs to choose form. By doing so, there will be enough designs to choose from and at least may be one of these logos will pass the criteria of becoming registered as a trademark logo. Coming up with a distinct design will be easy for it to be registered and enjoy the trademark protection.

Lastly, one should open their mind, heart, and soul when coming up with the best unique logo design that will please the gods of both the corporate world as well as of those of the courts that grant registrations. Also, multiple ideas are better than one. So, extensive research and scouting for ideas and suggestion will be of great help.