With every passing day electricity is getting more and more expensive. People are searching for new ways to produce cheap energy. Everyday people all over the world are searching for new power sources which are renewable as well. Wind is one of the best renewable sources of energy. We can use the wind to produce mechanical energy which can then be transformed into electricity. A good example would be electricity generating windmills. These electricity generating windmills generate electricity for homes using the speed of wind. This article explains how wind energy can be harvested to generate power.

An electricity generating windmill is an apparatus that produces electrical energy using wind or, more exactly, the mechanical energy produced by wind. When wind blows, it makes the blades of the electricity generating windmill move and rotate. This causes the turbines inside the windmill to move and produce mechanical energy which can then be converted into electrical energy. As we very well know that we have an unlimited supply of wind so this makes for a very good source of producing energy. We can use electricity generating windmills to run our electrical appliances like T.V and fridge on. Since the prices of energy are rising very quickly, this is a very good idea for people who can install these windmills, since you also need to have suitable conditions for installing electricity generating windmills.

The best places to install an electricity generating windmill are farms. Since farms do not require a whole lot of electricity, they can easily install an electricity generating windmill. It will fulfill the needs of the farm owners quite sufficiently. It’s is difficult to install an electricity generating windmill in an area which is hugely populated and has very high buildings. The main reason is that these windmills require a decent amount of wind speed to work. But usually the areas which are hugely populated have tall buildings which block the flow of wind. This will hamper the movement of the blades of the windmill and hence won’t produce any sort of mechanical energy.

Ideally, and area of one hectare is enough for a windmill to be installed on. Any area smaller than that might not be a very good idea because it might not let the windmill work properly.  You also require a wind speed of about 11 miles per hour in order for the electricity generating windmill to work properly. This is why it’s important that electricity generating windmills are installed in open areas and not closed areas like cities.