If you are reading this article you probably know already that alternative energy is something that everybody should turn to. Not only it will save you hundreds of dollars on electricity bills, but it is also eco-friendly and it will make our planet smile. One option to consider as alternative energy is windmills. But you may ask yourself “How to build a windmill?”

Before researching how to build a windmill, we must take into consideration the things we need for its construction. First of all, you must figure where to place the windmill. This is very important because an improper placement will lead to a low output of your energy source. You must make sure that there aren’t any obstacles near the windmill, like trees for example. The wind must blow with its full strength into the windmill’s blades. It’s also good to know the direction the wind most frequently comes from.

Now, in order to have a clear image about how to build a windmill for our own, it is recommended to build a miniature windmill first. For this you need only a few tools, like glue, paper, tape and a stick. Try to build this first, for a better understanding of how a windmill works. This should clear your mind a little before you start building the big one. Once you know how to build a windmill in miniature, you’ll understand better how to build a windmill for real.

For that, we must know the parts that form a real windmill. Of course, there are many little things that bring the whole piece together, but the main parts that you must focus on, are: the base, the blades, the tower and the gear box.

The strongest part of a windmill is the base. It must be very solid and heavy because it sustains the entire structure. It must provide stability and strength to the windmill. For that, concrete is recommended as the main material. Still, sand bags are an option too.

The blades should have an aerodynamic shape to catch the wind. They can be made of carbon fiber, but if you want a more common material, wood is a very good one. For the windmill to work more efficiently, don’t use too many blades. It will only slow the rotation. Two or three blades are usually enough.

The tower should also be strong and some proper materials for it are PVC pipes or aluminum. Finally, the nacelle (the gear box), for a personal windmill, can be a shaft, so it can link the blades to the tower, in order for them to spin as easily as possible.

Many people give up on the idea of building a windmill because they don’t know how to build a windmill. But if you study the concept a little you’ll find out that it isn’t that hard. Use the free power of the wind and start saving money on electricity.

Garden windmills are mostly used for decoration purposes or they can also be used to pump water into the garden without affecting the look of the garden very much. Garden windmills have this quality, because they can look very graceful and still fulfill the main purpose for which they are installed in the first place.

Because of their practical uses, garden windmills just have to serve as decoration pieces. They can be used for many other purposes: for example, they can pump water for the flower buds in the garden. Garden windmills can sometimes also be used to scare animals away for the garden. Sheep’s and cows get scared by the garden windmill’s movements and hence keep at bay, without destroying the beautiful garden. And of course, birds can’t sit on their blades.

You can also use your garden windmill to charge up an electrical fence that you can install around your garden. You just have to put in a little battery and the garden windmill will do the rest. It will produce the electricity that is needed to charge up the fence and whenever some animal tries to approach your garden, it’s gets a little electrical shock, which will keep it from entering in the garden without hurting it. You can also build garden windmills at home as well because they are not very difficult to make. You can follow step by step guides that are available in the market, or you can buy a pre-built garden windmill that only requires minimum assembling.

You can power most of your house on garden windmill electricity so it is a great tool to have installed at your house. It’s also sometimes very interesting and inspiring to see that windmills spin in your garden whenever the wind blows. It not only produces the electricity but also gives your garden a beautiful look which enhances the image of your garden. The fact that they are not very expensive and they still provide you with a lot of advantages are more than good enough reasons on why you should get a garden windmill installed at your garden.

You can even convert those small windmills which are used for decoration purposes mostly into generators that generate power. You fix a couple of batteries in the windmill and set it up at a place at which the wind speed is normally constant and blows regularly, the windmill generator will work perfectly and will provide you with lots of wind energy. It will save a lot of money for you as you save on electrical bills.