When starting a new business, most people thing that its only all about making a business plan and having enough capital for it to work. However, what most people don’t realize is the fact that you will also need a symbol or a logo to represent your company or your products.

Having a trademark means that buyers can identify what product they are purchasing and from what company. For example, when you hear people say Nike, you think of shoes, shirts and sports apparel. You will also think of the Nike trademark, which resembles the "check" sign. Trademark is all about identity and with it, you can mark your products as your own. This is why it is important to have a trademark for your business.

In today's world, there are a lot of businesses opening up , especially in the sports apparel business. You have to consider that many people now prefer sports apparel products because it is stylish and is also very comfortable to wear. Products like rubber shoes and T-shirts are comfortable and can also be very stylish. You can wear them when you want to play or even when you just want to go out and take a walk. In the sports apparel world, you will see that there are quite a lot of companies manufacturing and promoting their product with their very own trademarks.

So, if you plan on opening up your own sports apparel business, manufactured by your company, you should try and think of a trademark symbol that you will use for your products. The trademark symbol will be placed on shirt tabs, or even printed on the shirt if you want. It can also be used in shoes. The trademark symbol is a symbol where consumers can identify your products. They will know who manufactured it and what company designed the product.

However, in the sports apparel business, there are different kinds of trademarks already registered. You have to consider the fact that you need to register the trademark symbol of your company in order to have exclusive use of it and make it illegal for other companies to copy. You have to think of a trademark symbol that is unique from other trademark symbol existing in the world today. Once you thought of a design for your trademark symbol, the next thing you need to do is know how to register it.

The registration for trademark symbol is done in the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the PTO. The PTO is responsible for registering the trademark symbol as well as patenting inventions and copyrighting documents. You have to consider the fact that application for trademark registration can take some time in the PTO. The first step in trademark registration application is to provide all the minimum requirements set by the PTO. After you have completed the minimum requirements and have submitted it to the PTO, you will wait for two months where the PTO will get your trademark symbol examined by their patent and trademark lawyer.

If the trademark symbol is rejected, it is the lawyer's responsibility to contact you by mail and by phone and inform you about the grounds for rejection. The most common grounds for rejection is having a trademark symbol that bears similarity to other trademark symbols that is already registered. There are quite a number for criteria where the lawyer will base upon on getting your trademark registration application approved or rejected.

It is important that you should comply with the rejection notice and overcome all the objections stated by redesigning your trademark symbol. If you don’t comply within six months prior to receiving your rejection letter from the PTO, your trademark registration application will be abandoned and you will be required to start over again.

If you find it difficult for you to register your trademark or if you find it inconvenient, it is recommended that you should hire a trademark attorney. They will guide through the step-by-step process in having your trademark registered. They will also help in preparing the legal documents and requirements associated with the trademark application process.

As you can see, it is important that you should register your trademark symbol in order to have exclusive rights for its use.

Putting up a business, especially a large scale one, entails a lot of requirements that the owner or proprietor must be able to meet. This includes local business permits, state requirements, and all other paper that are deemed necessary in organizing your business. If you're thinking of putting up a business, then why not register a trademark?

Trademark is considered as an intellectual property either for a business or a person. If you want to keep your mark, the best way is to trademark it. And when you're talking about trademarks, you need to be patient.

You can't put up a business if you're not confident that it will succeed. More or less, you've done your extensive research and study before coming up with such endeavor. And if you're business is already on its way to the top, you will most likely apply for a trademark and that can be in the form of a logo, brand or whatever.

Securing a trademark is not that difficult. You can go to the USPTO office, or you can log on to their website to get the necessary information that you need in applying for a trademark. The application process is very simple, but what makes it annoying is the time. That is why you really need to exercise a lot of patience when you're applying for a trademark.

This is an ordeal that you have to deal with. Technically, the entire process is not complicated. First, you must make a thorough search online to check that there's no existing trademark similar or identical to yours. It would be best to hire professional help in your search just to be sure. The next step is to fill out application forms and file your application online. Usually, the patent and trademark office will designate an attorney for your application. The attorney will either approve or reject your application. He/she will let you clarify through correspondence if there are unclear aspects in your application. The USPTO is an agency of the government, so you can expect a lag time.

You must know that it isn't mandatory to register a trademark. However, those that do have registered trademarks are at a great advantage over those businesses that have one, why? If you have a registered trademark, the people will immediately be aware of it, as well as your competitors. No one will interfere with your business or try to confuse your customers because you can file a court action to any business or person who attempts to infringe your name. Your business is protected and your name is individualized; therefore you can have a lot of peace of mind if you have a registered trademark.

Confusions among businesses are a usual occurrence but if you're products and services are registered, there is no need to worry. You can use the symbol 'circle R'; establish your brand identity, and exercise exclusive rights within the industry and throughout the country.

Once you've filed your application, you will wait for about two months before you can receive a postcard from USPTO and it verifies that your application has been received by the office. After that, you will not hear anything from the office for at least six months or even more. The application seems to take forever, and once you receive another correspondence stating that your application has been accepted, you will again wait for another month before it is published and become approved. However, if the office needs clarification, be sure to send it within 30-60 days. After that, you have to wait for another two or four months. Most registered trademark applications take over a year, and you're quite lucky if your application was approved less than one year.

So if you have an outstanding trademark application, don’t worry if you haven't received any correspondence from the USPTO, it's an SOP of the office. In the meantime, you can continue your business while you're waiting for the application to be approved. Remember, if you want to have an edge in your chosen industry, have a registered trademark.

If you're one of those businesses that are not trademarked, you'd better think twice of the possible ramifications that you may encounter. So why wait for it to come? Secure an application today and be protected.