A lot of people enjoy the hobby of metal detecting simply for the reason that it provides them the adventure of discovering buried treasures in different places. If you are the type of person who just loves making discoveries, then metal detecting is definitely the activity for you.

However, before doing it, you will first need to have a deep understanding of how metal detecting really works as well as having the right equipment you will need in order to carry out the activity. Obviously, the first thing that you will need to get a hold of is a metal detector and it is extremely important that you are wise in choosing your first one.

And since there are so many types of metal detectors available in the market, it is important to find the best one for you. If you are a beginner, then you must know how to pick one and consider different factors when purchasing.


One of the very first things you must take into consideration when buying one is the budget. However, it may not necessarily be an easy thing for you especially if you are new to such field. So, take the time out to learn about metal detecting first before finally buying your equipment. If you are not extremely eager to make metal detecting a regular part of your lifestyle then it is wise that you find a metal detector that is not too costly. Make sure that you do not go overboard with your expenses considering that you are only a beginner. And should you, later on, deem metal detecting is a thing for you, then you can just buy another metal detector in the future.

Finding The Right Metal Detector

The next thing which you need to consider is finding the most appropriate metal detector for you. These metal detectors are specially made for every kind of environment and determining the environment where you will most likely spend your metal detecting is an important step. If you are going to conduct your metal detecting in places such as parks and public areas, then you need to purchase a metal detector specified for such environments. However, if you anticipate that you will be spending most of your activity in places such as the beach, then a more appropriate metal detector will optimize your metal detecting in such places.

Weight Of The Metal Detector

In addition, you will also need to consider the weight of the metal detector you are going to purchase. Make sure that even if you carry it for long hours, you will not be too tired moving it. If the metal detector is too heavy for you then, then simply find another one that will be appropriate for your transport. That way, you will be sure to have an enjoyable activity rather than a tiring one.

There are simply so many metal detectors which you can buy in the market and finding the most appropriate one is important to make your metal detecting much more fun and exciting. Also, make sure that your metal detectors work best in different kinds of situations so that even if it rains or shines, you are sure that your metal detector will do its job properly.


Metal detecting is easier said than done. While it can be a very interesting and profitable hobby or full-time profession, it does require research as well as considerable expense. For neophytes like you, it is necessary that you are familiar with how your metal detector works. If you have sufficient knowledge and understanding about metal detectors, then you are on your way to finding the best unit available in the market.

A metal detector is made up of three parts. These are:

It is the plastic circular portion at the bottom of the spine. It comes with two elements: one is used for receiving and the other one for transmission.

2. Spine
Since it is the body of the detector, the spine is designed for balance and stability. The handles of the detector are also crucial so they need to be padded to provide you with comfort.

3. Control box
This part houses the microprocessors which read the signal coming from the receiver. The information will then be passed on to the operator.

Aside from your metal detector, you also need several accessories that will make metal detecting easier for you and will help increase your chances of unearthing precious treasures. Among these accessories are:

This accessory is important as it is used for digging up. There are several kinds of trowel made specifically for treasure hunting but a simple garden trowel comes cheaper and is enough for such purpose.

With a headphone or earphone, you can hear even the faintest, deepest signals. It also helps you easily distinguish smaller items that might be buried or lying on the edge. It hence allows you to discover more items.

Distracting sounds like waves and wind will be muted out so you can focus on your metal detecting. This accessory also helps extend the life of your detector's batteries because it makes it possible for you to turn the speaker off.

Extra coils
Metal detector coils come in different shapes and sizes to serve different purposes. It is good if you have extra coils so you have replacement unit in case the factory-installed coil in your detector gets damaged.

Scuff cover
This accessory is designed to protect your detector. It also provides your control box with extra water proofing.

Ground cloth
You will use this accessory for cleaning your metal detector and your finds.

Flashlight or headlamp
With a headlamp, you can continue your metal detecting even if it's already dark.

Plastic containers
Different sizes of plastic containers are also important because they will be the ones to house your finds. You can choose those containers with adjustable slots to accommodate the size of the treasures you've found.

Spare batteries
If you're planning to spend long hours in detecting metals, then make sure you have spare batteries with you. You will need them for your radio, flashlights, and other battery-operated items you bring with you.

No doubt, these metal detecting accessories are surely in enhancing your chances of finding old coins, jewelry, and many other valuable items.